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General Lift

4th & 16th, ZIP CODE: 13341, industrial zone of ANO LIOSIA

Call center:+30 210 2833500,
+30 210 2827740,
Fax:+30 210 2830200

κλειδαριες ασφαλειας ανελκυστηρων, κατασκευες θαλαμων, ειδικες κατασκευες, γκιλοτινες, συρματοσχοινα αναρτησης ανελκυστηρων, προσκρουστηρας ανελκυστηρων

Hydraulic of lifts (passengers lifts / Cargo lifts / scissor car lifts)

According to use which lifts are intended, particularities of each building (houses, block of flats, buildings of offices, commercial centres or ships) GENERAL LIFT planned and proposed the corresponding hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lifts are proposed as simple and reliable solution, for small or big charges, travel up to 30m (11 stops) and speed up 0.60m/sec

In all cases lifts are arranged with EN 81 regulations and directive 95/16/ΕC.