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Our company offers flexible solutions and applications customized the needs of old installations of lifts. GENERAL LIFT working together with its clients develops customized solutions for the modernization of the older elevators combining the cost effectiveness with the highest quality outcome according to European standards 81-1/2. Replacement of the existing cabins with new, high aesthetic or replacement the interior of the existing cabin (side walls) with new walls (split panels) and (or) ceiling – flooring, covering all the checkpoints and security according to European standards 81-1/2. Some of the important are the follow:

1. BUS lifts door installation to the existing cabin.

2. Emergency light up-grade in the cabin. The device can be accommodated either on a sidewall of the cabin or in the ceiling.

3. Placement of autonomous intercommunication device, inside the cabin. The device is compliant to ΕΝ 81-28. Telephone network connection is required for device's operation.

4. Replacement of control panel with device rescue

5. Safety gear.

The activity of our company on the repair of elevators is more than just an aesthetic part of the lift. Additional features experienced staff that can with one a visit (autopsy) in the old lift you to give a comprehensive estimate of the replacement / repair of basic safety systems for the safe and proper functioning of the elevator. We also undertake the certificate of periodic inspection in collaboration with qualified certification organization. .