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General Lift

4th & 16th, ZIP CODE: 13341, industrial zone of ANO LIOSIA

Call center:+30 210 2833500,
+30 210 2827740,
Fax:+30 210 2830200

σασι, αντλια ανεκλυστηρα, αντλιες ανελκυστηρα, οδηγος ανελκυστηρα, οδηγοι ανελκυστηρων, εμβολα ανελκυστηρων, κομβιοδοχος


We try to meet every passenger need and aesthetic demands, irrespectively of building style. We have a large variety of designs, colors and shapes for floors or ceilings. We use materials such as glass, Plexiglas, stainless steel mirror or satin. All of the ceilings combined with all model of cabins. Also because of the high technology machine with special software has been developed specifically in construction of cabins always creating new products high aesthetic and design.

Floors and ceilings