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Constructions of metal shafts find application in cases where there is no shaft either internally or externally of the building. Our company studied each case carefully and gives solutions where others can not.

We construct metal well of lifts from stainless steel or black steel with hollow sections or lego type, waterproof and static independent. We provide safe and stiff structure making full use of space with the innovative construction of the residential elevator Smart Lift, which requires a pit shaft 350mm, and head room 2500mm, speed 0,63 m / sec, in contrast to the common standard home elevators which move at maximum speed 0,20 m / sec.

The metal lift shafts can be in various of finishes, according to the use for which are intended either panels or galvanized sheet metal, or glass and Plexiglas.

All of ours construction are certificated by qualified certification organization.





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