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General Lift

4th & 16th, ZIP CODE: 13341, industrial zone of ANO LIOSIA

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ανελκυστηρας μεζονετας, ασανσερ μεζονετας, ανελκυστηρες μεζονετας, βαθος πυθμενα, οροφες θαλαμων, καμπινα, ασανσερ


Specifically we install lifts as:

Hydraulic lifts

-       For passenger

-       MRL lifts (where the motor room equipment is fitted into a metal cabinet and placed near to the shaft)

-       Lifts without room motor room (where the tank of the power unit is placed into the shaft pit whilst the controller and the valve block are fitted into a steel cabinet adjacent to the landing door post).

-       Cargo lifts with double piston or piston in well drilling

-       Scissor car lifts

Traction lifts

-       MRL lifts

-       Lifts without room motor room

-       Lifts with motor room on roof or basement

The excellent qualified and trained crews of company are implementing the installation of lift according to firstly study which has issued from experienced engineers who combined:

  • 1.The full space utilization of the shaft

  • 2.The traffic load

  • 3.The energy savings

  • 4.The speed of moving

  • 5.The design of the cabin (base of customer's choice) as appropriate for use by persons with special needs.

With responsibility and consistency in quick time we install safe lifts

 When the installation complete we delivered to our customer the instruction manual, all of the certifications and all the official documents which prove that the lift can used with safety


Our installations are fully complied with ISO 9001:2008 and directive 95/16EC. As well as our company is certified for each installation of lifts which perform we are authorized to inspect and certify each installation giving emphasis on the following checkpoints:

1. Pawl device: A mechanical device for stopping involuntary descent of the car, and maintaining it stationary on fixed supports.

2. Pre-limit switches: Mechanical sensors instruct the panel control to understand that the elevator has reached the upper-lower roof.Glossary 2.5 is technology by Black Sheep Research

3. Limit switches: placed system limit switches, which stop the circuit of the motor and stop the cab when he overcome the extreme limits of travel (up & down) by 15cm.

4. Door locks: With security system not allows movement of the lift if the door is not fully closed.

5. Emergency buzzers .Placed on the ground and the last stop and are connected with the control center.