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General Lift

4th & 16th, ZIP CODE: 13341, industrial zone of ANO LIOSIA

Call center:+30 210 2833500,
+30 210 2827740,
Fax:+30 210 2830200

ασανσερ, ανελκυστηρας μεζονετας, ασανσερ μεζονετας, ανελκυστηρες μεζονετας, βαθος πυθμενα, οροφες θαλαμων, καμπινα


GENERAL LIFT has the capability to manufacture products of lift as panels of automatic doors, semi -automatic landing doors, car passenger, wall & guide brackets, car frame, car and landing operating panels, metal shaft of lift etc.

Our company offers innovative solutions to high aesthetic design of elevator cabs, taking care with particular attention to even the most insignificant detail. Its main concern is to deliver to its customer’s functional and safe construction.

It features the latest technology machines with advanced and continuously evolving software in combination with highly trained staff can construct all types of cabs with high precision in the assembly and installation.

Additional features include an unlimited variety of colors and designs that make the perfect design solution for even the most demanding preferences

The company's products continuously enriched with new samples