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General Lift

4th & 16th, ZIP CODE: 13341, industrial zone of ANO LIOSIA

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προσκρουστηρας ανελκυστηρων, κλειδαριες ασφαλειας ανελκυστηρων, κατασκευες θαλαμων, ειδικες κατασκευες, γκιλοτινες, συρματοσχοινα αναρτησης ανελκυστηρων


The lifts are one of the essential elements of each building, and basic evaluation criterion is the reliability of materials and how to install. General lift is company which activation on installation, construction, study, maintenance of lifts. Our policy is to offer our customers direct and complete support, in terms of materials, components and services provided before and after every sale. A specialized team of experienced engineers are continuously working, by studying and applying the best solutions for each and every different project presented by our nominated partners throughout the world. Effecting studies of any system of lifting cargo or people.

The design carried out by staff of company, which visited the project of area and reflects in detail the information that will help the issue of the study without any financial obligation towards our clients.

During a study, the team of experienced engineers focused his attention on the choice of hydraulic units. The basic criterion for the correct choice is the combination of people (payload), stops the elevator / lift mechanism and the use for which intended. Considering the above factors is achieved with target of the proper electricity consumption, or otherwise the deterioration of the motor over the years. Also available Hydraulic package new generation controlled by INVERTER for greater economy by 40% in consumption. When the study completed and the company's engineers issuing the most economical and effective technical solution, department of offers assume a financial bid, delivered and presented to the customer within the privately owned exhibition space available to the company where he can gain a comprehensive view on the installation and operation of the lift.